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5 Facts About Tourism in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt, The Egyptian economy depends heavily on tourism to eliminate unemployment and the introduction of foreign currencies into the country.

Egypt is also considered one of the best tourist countries because it possesses a third of the world’s monuments, unlike the pharaonic monuments found all over the world.

The Pharaonic civilization extends for more than 7000 years, and the Pharaohs have many advantages such as their proficiency in medicine, painting, and construction.

There are also some secrets from the life of the Pharaohs that have not been discovered to this day, such as embalming the dead and building the pyramids.

In this topic, we will show you the 5 most important tourist information you should know about Egypt.

Tourism in Egypt

The beginning of knowledge of tourism in Egypt

Pharaohs excelled in progress in the various branches of life. As the ancient Egyptian civilization was characterized by strength in all periods of rule of kings and queens.

Also, every king who ruled over the country undertakes projects and improves the lives of Egyptians by paying attention to education and the army.

We find in the Pharaonic civilization that the Egyptians were going to other regions for the purpose of tourism, where they were traveling for the purpose of domestic tourism.

and the clergy also cared about cultural tourism, and Egypt was famous in the past and to this day for medical tourism.

Today, Egypt has many wonderful tourist areas, which attract tourists from all over the world to visit.

Tourism in Egypt

1- The most important cities of tourism in Egypt

Egypt has 27 governorates, and its population is approximately 102 million. The Islamic religion is the official in the country.

The system of government is democratic and the official currency is the Egyptian pound. Cairo is the capital, there are many tourist cities in Egypt.

such as Alexandria, which has the Alexandria Library. There are also pyramids and sphinxes in Giza.

and Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are characterized by clear water and fine sand on the Red Sea.

Unlike Luxor and Aswan and the presence of a large number of temples and museums.

2- The best tourist areas in the summer

Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are among the most visited Egyptian cities in the summer.

To enjoy the beaches of the Red Sea, snorkeling and taking pictures with coral reefs. There are also many cafes and nightclubs throughout the day that you can enjoy.

Tourism in Egypt is diverse and many people, especially Europeans, prefer to escape the cold weather. And visit these Egyptian cities.

especially in August, September and even November, before the winter months.

Tourism in Egypt

3- The best tourist areas in Winter

Luxor and Aswan city is one of the most regions in the world that contains temples and museums for the pharaohs.

Where there are many wonderful pharaonic monuments that can be visited and the temperatures in the winter are moderate.

There are many hotels that provide a more than excellent level of service to tourists, and residents are kind and helpful to strangers.

Tourism in Egypt

4- Types of tourism in Egypt

In Egypt there are many types of tourism, where he finds medical tourism, such as burial in the sand in the city of Siwa.

Or recreational tourism in the city of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. Or religious tourism and visiting mosques and historical churches.

Tourism in Egypt

5- Life in Egypt

Egypt is distinguished by its cultural and religious diversity. As the Egyptian people are friendly and the hotel prices for accommodation are suitable for everyone.

Millions of tourists travel every year to Egypt to enjoy their holidays in all seasons of the year. The cost of living in Egypt is cheap.


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